Add Campaign Step 4

Step 4 of the Pushdown Campaign is related to the email content. This is where you confirm the images, content, personalization, and localization tags are all correct.

OneSendHQ provides 3 tiers of testing your campaign to be 'triple' sure that everything is as it should be. The Quick Test option is the 1st check you can do to ensure the images and content is correct. This 1st level of testing doesn't actually render the content for any personalization and localization tags.

The second level of testing is the Multiple Version test which will allow you to send multiple versions of the campaign into your inbox and you'll get to see how the content will render for each participating connected account. All personalization and localization tags are fully rendered in this level of testing.

The 3rd and final level of testing allow you to send a "Pushdown" test to the administrators of each of the participating connected accounts. This also lets you add a message that you might want to convey to the administrators. eg: "The EOFY EDM Campaign will be scheduled for this Friday evening at 7pm local time, reply opt-out if you would like to be excluded from this campaign".

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