Release - Menu Restructure - Version

The Main Menu of the OneSendHQ Platform has had a major restructure overnight which we expect will simplify the navigation of our 3 core products, OneSendHQ, Portal Companion, and POSIFiQ for our clients.

  1. OneSendHQ is a Marketing Management App that connects multiple ActiveCampaign accounts to provide Scalable Marketing for Multi-location and Franchise Brands.
  2. Portal Companion is an App that addresses the challenges an ActiveCampaign Reseller Partner experiences when managing their accounts due to the limitations of the AC Partner Portal.
  3. Our POSIFiQ solution is an Intelligent POS Integration App that connects POS Systems with ActiveCampaign. It enables retailers to combine in-store and online touchpoints to enrich the customer experience through sales and marketing automation.

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