Release - Portal Companion - Version 4.0.3

Client listing updates
Check/fix a bug with the save API key when clicking on the alert icon in the table row.
Detect 'sandbox' and 'trial' accounts, and add them to the account row under table header 'Plan.'

Update the help link on the dashboard
We've updated the link on the support icon in the main menu ribbon to go to We've created an account with Help Scout and will begin creating a whole new range of documentation.

Move "Onesend to AC Agency" sync to separate queue entity
We have a lot of syncs running on our platform. we have moved the "Onesend to AC Agency" sync to a separate queue entity, so it is independent of all our other syncing, to improve speed and efficiency

Don't sync price data if the setting is not enabled.
You won't have to worry about this setting unless you use our OnesendHQ product in conjunction with Portal Companion. OnesendHQ clients can access the same table that you see in Portal Companion, and you may not want them to see pricing or sync that pricing to their AC account. We will do more education on OnesendHQ soon.

Add a new currency custom field on Accounts.
We were passing the plan pricing through to AC Accounts as a currency field, but we have decided to split the data into two fields:
1. Currency
2. Value
One of the core reasons for doing this is to better manage the different currencies on individual accounts and treat the pricing as simple number values.

Change domain field to 'Activehosted URL.'
We had a field/data option in Portal Companion called 'Domain', but it was unclear what this represented, so we have updated the name to 'Activehosted URL', making it easier to understand what it is.

Add a new support/chat widget.
We have enabled a chat widget in Help Scout that appears at the bottom right corner of the Portal Companion. To begin with, this is for you to supply feedback while exploring and using Portal Companion easily. As we roll this out to the AC community, it will become a general support tool.

Remove sync button
We're removing the Sync button above the client list table and keeping the sync button on the table row item, and will continue to sync every 24 hours at midnight.
This is to prevent syncing an entire account during peak periods and to save server load/costs?

Agency data sync
This one is exciting!! All the data in Portal Companion will be able to sync to your Primary AC account (Finally!). You need to provide your API URL and API Key, and we can connect it for you. There will be UI soon where you can add this yourself and even add more AC accounts if you want the data to appear in 2 or more AC accounts.

Define all available price/cost fields from Agency API
We were getting one price endpoint from the Agency API, and we will now be getting three price endpoints from the agency API and labelling them clearly so you can understand the financials related to each account.

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